Vibrant Moroccan Riad

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

A riad is known as a Moroccan traditional home where the centre of the building has an interior garden or courtyard. The name 'riad' is derived from the Arabic language and established during the Idrisid dynasty (788-974 AD). During the 11th Century, the Almoravid's conquest of Spain allowed the migration of the Artisans from Spain; glorifying the houses of wealthy merchants and leaders with colourful tiles and inscription of Quranic Arabic on the mud built walls. A central gardens allowed the families to find peace & tranquilly within the walls of their home; privacy was upmost importance following Muslim traditions. An open space adorned with lemon & orange trees and streaming of the natural sunlight beaming from above; a compromise for the lack of big windows in the living quarters.

To date, these homes have been renovated and provide excellent accommodation stay for travellers to Morocco.

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Tradtional Riad in the heart of the Medina, Marrakech

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