Need a Visa to Morocco?


Below is a list of countries; the citizens do not require to apply for a tourist visa to Morocco (updated Aug 2018). The free visa is stamped in your passport upon arrival in Morocco. Depending on your country of residence, the visa is valid for a period of up to 90 days in Morocco.

Visa -Exempted Countries
Visa -Exempted Countries

All other countries need to apply for a visa prior to their arrival in Morocco; do check with your local Moroccan consulate in your country for any updates/changes on the tourist visa requirement for your country. Below are some recommendations for your visa application:

Before You Travel

  • Plan your dates of travel to Morocco and duration of stay.

  • Your passport is valid for at least 6 months that include your dates of travel and duration of 90 days in Morocco.

  • Proof of employment or self employment

  • Bank statements (original copies) that are updated to the date or at least 2-3 weeks prior to your visa application submission.

  • 3 & 4 are a requirement to show that you have sufficient funds to pay for your travel & stay in Morocco. Your visa application will be refused if your financial statements don’t reflect sufficient funding for your Morocco trip.

Booking your Travel Arrangements

  • Confirmed travel booking (flights or Ferry crossing). A round trip booking is acceptable only.

  • Travel Insurance that covers the duration of your stay in Morocco.

  • Itinerary of your Morocco trip, including dates of arrival and departure.

  • Confirmed accommodation reservations bookings during your stay in Morocco.

A part of Love Morocco Tours services, we provide support application letters for 3 & 4 as the host company.

Visa Application Process

  • Download the Visa Application Form

  • One application form per person.

  • Fill the Application form in black pen and all capital letters.

  • 2 copies of recent photos (no more than 6 months old) in colour which match the visa form requirements.

  • Sign the application form

Important Checklist

  • Contact your local Moroccan Consulate in your country for the following information:

  • Visa application fee and method of payment

  • Visa processing time (It is recommended to apply at least 6 weeks before your travel date to Morocco)

  • Submission of your application – online, in person or a representative.

  • Supporting documents checklist:

  • Travel booking confirmation (Flights, Ferry crossing) to Morocco

  • Travel Insurance

  • Bank statements

  • Employment/Self-Employed letter

All documents need to submitted with your visa application form.

Please note; all travellers need to fill a landing card with your details upon entry & exit of Morocco.